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WinMAX and Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server x64

This is just a helpful post for the non-Windows experts on the forum.

You experts at getting applications running on the newest Windows 64-bit operating systems can ignore me.

I had a few head-scratching minutes when I began using a new workstation to load DVDs using WinMAX.

The new workstation is running either Windows 7 x64, or Windows Server 2008 x64 (depending on how I boot it).

I had set the compatibility of "max.exe" to "Windows XP SP2" mode. (right-clicking max.exe in windows explorer and choose Properties->Compatibilty->Compatibility Mode->Run this program in compatibility mode for...)

But even though WinMAX ran and connected to the AMX media server, I couldn't get it to Eject the DVD, or to Identify the DVD. It was as if WinMAX couldn't see the DVD drive at all.

I checked these forums and found the advice to set the compatibility mode to "Windows XP SP2" but of course I had already done that.

Then I saw the "run as administrator" check box in the Compatibility menu mentioned above. Hah! That did the trick. You should be an ADMINISTRATOR when you change the compatibility mode, and on some versions of Windows there is a "Show settings for all users" button that you need to click and set the compatibility values as I mention above.

Now I can load DVDs and the world is back to normal.

There is one gotcha: User Access Control (UAC), if it is active on the computer, will always complain about the "unidentified publisher" for max.exe when you start WinMAX, and you will have to click on ALLOW to continue on with running WinMAX.

To avoid this, you can go through the UAC avoidance machinations mentioned on the following Microsoft web page http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itprosecurity/thread/6822b712-8fc3-4253-8856-25e99f144262. Alternatively you can try the "SkipUAC" software mentioned there.

I hope someone finds this information helpful.


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