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New GUI's in AMX pamphlet

alexsquaredalexsquared Junior MemberPosts: 166
Has anyone seen the new AMX "simplify" pamphlet? Our rep just brought the latest out yesterday, and I had a couple questions. On Page 8 and 9, there is a new GUI that looks pretty darn cool for a media manager. Didn't know if anyone had it or new how to get their hands on it. Additionally, on pages 28 and 29, they show a new GUI for the BDP-CX7000ES that is supposed to be on www.amx.com/ui. I can't find it anywhere on there. Didn't look under the module for that device yet as the first time I downloaded it, it wasn't there.


  • Jorde_VJorde_V UX Scientist Posts: 393
    No haven't seen it, but I do see it in the folder as well.
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