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IREdit quirk

DHawthorneDHawthorne Old TimerPosts: 4,584
Just a heads up, since tech support hadn't heard of this one when I called it in.

I recently had to convert a device to IR control because I needed the serial port, and I downloaded a ccf file from the manufacturer's website, then imported the hex to IREdit. The file loaded just fine from NS, but I noticed that all the IR channels above 40 didn't work. So I grabbed the remote, grumbling, and learned the the hard way. They still didn't work. I also notices that IREdit wouldn't load the file, though NS would, so I assumed a bad card (was an NXC-URS4 in a 4100). New card didn't work, different slot didn't work. Other IR files loaded fine, and worked fine. Turns out the hex code I imported in slot 40 was corrupt. Even looking at the ccf file, I saw it was twice as large as the rest of them. It was corrupt in the downloaded file. But instead of just trashing that one code, it trashed everything in the file from that point forward. I deleted the code in channel 40 (wasn't using it anyway) , and the rest of it was fine.
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