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RMS 2020

So... sounds like there's even more goodies coming from InfoComm. Any of those at least in the same hemisphere as the event care to shed any light to further the teaser that is that press release.

I've heard reports that the NI side backend is all going to be duet based, any API's we can use for in module RMS implementation, maybe some OSGI component sexiness? Any other niceties other than the in built power monitoring and revamped web UI (which is looking as though it's going to be awesome btw)?


  • RMS 2020 Highlights

    Hi PhreaK,

    The new RMS SDK will natively support monitoring and control for Duet modules, thus significantly reducing the coding effort necessary for device integration. A new rich NetLinx API will be exposed for integrating non-Duet based implementations and/or extending monitoring and control for devices that have functionality that may not be included in the Duet module implementation. The new SDK will support WIDECHAR data for International installations that require localization.

    I gave many of the demos to RMS 2020 at the show and the highlights below are what stand out as what most visitors were interested in ...

    - Time delayed asset parameter thresholds. (Only trip if condition exists for specified elapsed time)

    - Support for multiple thresholds on a single asset parameter. This allows for HI/LOW monitoring and escalating condition parameters.

    - Users can now define their own status types and assign priority levels to status types.

    - Hotlist supports priority based sorting and multi-column sorting (and search filtering).

    - Specific dashboard widgets, monitoring, and reports targeted specifically at energy usage and management.

    - Location and asset metadata. This allows for users or sites to define custom data fields for any room or asset. These user defined data fields can be added as a template for all assets or specific assets of a given type and can be added as one off properties on individual assets and locations. Data such as "Warranty Expiration Date", "Service Contract Number", "Hyperlink to Device Wiring Diagram" can now be stored for each asset or room.

    - New server backend built from the ground up with enterprise scalability and high availability leading the design and architecture.

    - New web based user interface designed with the following principle goals
    - - user personalization: dashboard widget layout, data sorting, column ordering, etc, all persisted with each users profile.
    - - preview panels to expose more detailed information and contextually related content at users fingertips
    - - improved navigation designed to get users to the desired content in far fewer clicks
    - - right-click context menus to provide access to advanced functions for selected records
    - - powerful search capabilities on almost all screens allowing targeted data lookups and data filtering
    - - graphically enhanced views of data: parameters such as lamp hours can now be displayed using bar graphs, data based dashboard widgets will provide raw view of data and graphical chart based views for easier consumption.
  • Oops, I left one feature out of the highlights lists that many have been asking for ...

    - In the location based permissions roles, the new RMS security model will provide discrete VIEW and MANAGE options for each permission setting. This will allow a site to create "view only" users.
  • Dave_UKDave_UK Posts: 54
    RSS feeds

    A colleague was asking recently if there were any plans for allowing RSS feeds to be generated in RMS 2020 ?

    They want to be able combine data from RMS along with data from other monitoring services together into a single dashboard for status monitoring.

  • AvargasAvargas Posts: 57
    Up, what about integration with iCalendar? is gonna be possible in the near future?
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