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Multiple send_level commands?

a_riot42a_riot42 AMX WizardPosts: 1,619
Is there a way to send a level to a range of levels similar to the way it can be done with a send_command? ie: send_command dvTP, "'^ANI-10.20,0,1,1'"

The AMX-PI mentions a level in the documentation for the BMF command but its a little confusing as it doesn't state how its suppoed to be used.

Set any/all button parameters by sending embedded codes and data.
Syntax: "'^BMF-<vt addr range>,<button states range>,<data>'"
variable text address char array = 1 - 4000.
button states range = 1 - 256 for multi-state buttons (0 = All states, for General buttons
1 = Off state and 2 = On state).
level range = 1 - 600 (level value is 1 - 65535).

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