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Win4Linpro Netlinx Studio connection to central problem


I have a strange problem with win4linpro and sending prog to a central from netlinx studio. I can't connect!

All the network is working:
- windows file sharing
- ftp
- www
- etc...

I can do a telnet connection on port 1319 and receive some good string but i can't from NetLinx Studio. Same from File Transfer.
Online tree does not work also.
Any idea.....

It seems to be a bad TCP/IP support on the NetLinx studio.
I'm going to try with tpd4.

NetLinx Studio 2.3.102

Thanks in advance



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    tom goeztom goez Posts: 75
    Win4Linpro Netlinx Studio connection to central problem

    Try turning off the "Automatically Ping the Master Controller to ensure availability" option in the TCP/IP settings and see if that works.

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    dominiquedominique Posts: 7
    This has no effect... same problem
    Very strange bad news, always need to use this $windobe os


    Thank for help, Tom
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    vincenvincen Posts: 526
    It would be interesting to do the test in RS-232 mode, just to check if it's a network issue with NSX and TPD4, or it's a more general issue of communication !

    Just my 2 cts idea

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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I don't know if it's related, but I had an odd experience just last week related to master TCP settings.

    My habit is to connect to the master via the RS-232 port, and set up the network initially for DHCP. I then use the "Get IP settings" and "Get DNS settings" buttons to read what the DCHP server supplied. Then I set the IP to static and fill in the address I want, leaving the rest alone, save it and reboot.

    I did that exact procedure, or at least started to, on a job, but was getting nothing back from DHCP. Strictly from running on autopilot and going fast, I had already hit the save before I realized I had no connection. No biggie, I thought, and manually set my IP as static anyway. I copied my DNS addresses from another working master on the job, and had one of my installers track the connection problem. He found an unterminated CAT5, corrected it, and by all rights, I should have been up and running. Only I wasn't.

    This master could connect to the other master on site, and I could connect to it locally just fine. But it could not get out on the Internet for a time server reading (standard for me if I have Internet) or my Dynamic DNS service. I couldn't connect to it from the outside either, though I could just fine to the other master, so I knew it wasn't an ISP issue or a router issue. I was pulling out hair, and I don't have enough of that to spare for such nonsense. All of my network settings seemed just fine.

    On a hunch, I reset the master to DHCP and re-saved the settings, then put it back to static again and changed the IP. Voila, all was well again. The final settings were identical to what they were when I set them manually. I can only conclude there are some internal, hidden flags or settings that DHCP sets, but you can't even see going in manually. They got set to something wonky when I tried to connect to a DHCP server that wasn't physically connected, and the only way to clear them was to acutally connect to one.
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    dominiquedominique Posts: 7
    In my case there is no problem to do a connection with the master(static ip adress), when rebbot in windows it's just working fine. My peoblem does not appear on win4lin with win98. He is only there with win4lin pro on WinXP.

    thanks for reply
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    tom goeztom goez Posts: 75

    I am not sure where the problem is. I didn't know what Win4LinPro was until I looked it up on the internet.

    I'm not sure that using Win4Lin on Linux and then loading Netlinx Studio guarantees any compatibility. AMX uses Windows operating systems as their only OS platform.

    Maybe someone from AMX Tech Support can jump in here and give some insight and specifics.

    Good Luck!

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    dominiquedominique Posts: 7
    Me also i don't know.

    Win4lin is something like a motherboard emulation not really like vmware but simething like. You have to install windows like on a real pc. It use windows and only replace drivers to have a bridge between windows and linux.

    That's all. Im using it because don't want to buy, use an unstable system like windows with to much security risk and virus and very expensive product like photoshop etc.... All my tools are under linux, free and open and, like many other users of linux or mac. I hope AMX is going to bring his software to other OS, More stable and tweakable. They are using unix and linux for there hardwares products, why not for there softwares products.

    I think it's time to think about, like there expensive prices...
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