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VoIP Gateway CSG-544 Delay FIX

ProdigalProdigal Junior MemberPosts: 90
Well I just finished a job where I used a CSG-544 VoIP Gateway where I had a problem that I really had to scratch my head to go around this one.

So the Gateway was inside the LAN network with an analog line conected to it.

I needed to have VPN access to gateway so configured the WAN port of it, and conected the CSG thru the respective Port.

Configured all the MVP's VoIP, and they were all connected to the Gateway already, but I was having this interesting problem where the Gateway would receive a call, (the analog LED light was flashing) but the MVP's wouldn't ring, for over 30seconds, after what they would start to ring, all at the same time, and communications would be fine without a problem.

I tried adding a regular analog phone to the receiving phone group just to check if the problem was on the network.

Same problem showed up. It would take around 30 seconds to start ringing.

Instead of using WAN port, I used the LAN port only, and erased the WAN configurations. It started working as a charm.
Lost the VPN access tho, but it's working.

Just in case someone stumbles on with the same problem ;)
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