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Autopatch precis DSP seashell noise


I have an 18x18 Precis DSP and I am listening to music through it between a media server and the home stereo.
I configured the precis through APGraphicEQ and the gain, volume, EQ settings are all 0 or midrange.

I am getting a seashell/running water noise through the music after several minutes of playing. It doesn't go away on it's own, but if I pause the music then start it again, it goes away. I have not tested every combination of possibilities yet, but since I was online and fighting with a few things at the same time, I thought it couldn't hurt to ask if others have experienced anything like this.




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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    The only time I have had any weird problems is when I was connected to a Meridian receiver and the EQs were not at 0. Other than that, I have the 18x18DSP on multiple jobs and have not experienced what you are describing.

    Have you tried a different source? Maybe plug an iPod in to the AP and see what happens?

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    The music has been on pause for a while and I noticed the sound came back on it's own. I climbed up beside a speaker just to make sure. I unpaused the music and paused it again right away and the sound went away.

    Silly eh?

    I'll try other sources here today or tomorrow. Just something to think about.
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    Noise floor on PRECIS

    We've often found that the noise floor on the PRECIS preamps is high enough to be heard when connected to a high gain amplifier. In our showroom, we have it feeding a big Bryston in one location, and you can hear the hiss if the preamp noise when the system is off, the output of the Precis set to zero, and the amp remains on. You have to be within a foot of the the speaker to hear it for certain, but it's there. You also notice it at a distance when you walk by it. Some customers have commented on the noise in multiroom systems too.

    Turning the gain down a bit on the amp usually takes it low enough not to be heard, but some amps don't have an input trim. On those, we either power control the amp or interrupt the precis audio output with a relay governed by the state of the room.

    We put up with it because the unit is otherwise a good value. We've verified it all with Autopatch engineering who agree it is an artifact of the design and not a specific defect of some units.
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    well... finally had a few minutes to try different combinations of things and found it happens when I hook the media pc directly to the denon amplifier. Had nothing to do with the precis, just the precis was the most mysterious part of the setup at the time. DVD's/cable/sat etc play great through the amp, just haven't figured out the PC yet.

    One of these days, I'm getting the video setup first, I find it simpler so it's a good place to start.

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