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Mio R-2 & R-3 problem after firmware upgrade

Past week I've received a pair of R-2s and a pair of R-3s. They were all on an outdated versions of firmware (1.08 on R-2 and some pre 3.0 on R-3).
After updating them to the latest ones (1.10 for R-2 and 3.0.x for R-3) they all showed the exact same bug. AUX button 'remapped' to Macro D. It for all intends and purposes works like another macro button: the remotes do not remap their keys to match the AUX 'offset'; while pressing AUX the remotes show 'Macro D' on display and stay in the previously selected mode.
I managed to fix R-3s by 'zapping' (sending ZAP!) them through rs.
Unfortunately it does not work for R-2. Judging by the docs (operation reference guide for R-2) they do not support 'zapping'.

Anyone encountered the problem? Is there any way to fix it (make AUX actually work) for R-2?


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    There is a bug in that firmware version. When you upgrade to it, the remote goes into teletext mode.

    For the R3, go into the setup and press the input button to toggle teletext on/off. When you turn teletext off, the AUX button should go back to working normally.

    For the R1/R2, go into setup and use the 9 button to toggle teletext on/off.
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    AvargasAvargas Posts: 57
    EDIT: Solved.

    It's just like rhargrave says.
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