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Conference between two different locations

I have been asked to establish a video conference between two different locations, after i made my research on the AMX web page, i found the DVX-2100HD is used for conferencing, i just want to ask if there is any other solutions made using other devices or if anyone already made a conference setup to help me on the design.
N.B: the client just sent me the following information:
1- Sony Bravia 40" LCD
2- Sony Bravia 55" LCD
so it seems that he has the TV screens only.

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  • The DVX is a control system+video switcher used to SUPPORT video conferencing, but does not provide video conferencing. You need a codec for that -- look at Polycom or Tandberg. Or if you can run wire between the locations, you just need a good audio processor with AEC (Polycom, Biamp, etc.)

    You're in over your head, by the way... you should probably look into hiring a professional.
  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    If you have computers at both locations, you could explore www.webex.com for a less expensive video conferencing option, but you will be sacrificing some control over the system.

  • I've allways been using Polycom on conference situations, and has allways been on the expectations. Both for local conferences (several rooms inside a building) or internet conference calls.

    As jweather said, if the conference locations are nearby and you can run cables between them, check an audio processor with Echo Canceling, and use a video matrix.

    Check out Polycom Vortex products.
  • locations are miles away

    Thank you Prodigal, i will make the necessary research on the Polycom as you said, and please be noted that the locations are 200 miles away from each others, and there is no connection between the two locations but both are having DSL Connection (between 1 Mbs and 10 Mbs down), my question is how both locations will communicate to make the audio video conference run? is it through VPN with Static IPs or is there any other way, and what kind of protocols will be used (TCP. UDP....)

    and one more thing, can i use this demo here, will it work for far locations:

    Thank you again for your support.
  • ColinColin Posts: 51
    Video Conferencing & AMX

    I have very successfully deployed Video Conferencing between sites with Polycom and using AMX as the control solution between sites.

    EG Site 1 calls site 2 - Site 1: AMX connects through TCP/IP to site 2 and turns on monitors etc via Master to master treating remote NI Controller as a box of devices & gets Polycom site 1 codec to call/dial site 2 or vice versa and when the initiator of the call hangs up they can shutdown the far site as well. RMS Meeting Manager (http://www.amx.com/rms/ )would be of great benefit as you could then have the rooms automagically configure and be ready when you walk into the room through Scheduling

    You would be best served to have dedicated / static IP's between sites with as big a pipe as you can get, >2Mb for SDVC or greater in the case of HDVC, I use the same pipe for both VC & control.

    I think that you should get some good solid advice locally as the quality of the IP Links can vary between countries / states / towns.

    Hope this is of some use
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