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Relay feedback errors?

Hello all, i have a weird problem (or maybe i'm not fully understanding the concept :) )

we installed a system with a NI-3000 and a few REL-8 boxes (the NXC-rel10 were out of stock) and noticed that 2 or 3 relay's of both the NI-3000 and all (three) REL-8 boxes have their feedback wrong.

i have written someting like ; [tp,1] = [relay,1] (simplified) and noticed that the TP feedback remained ON even though the Relay was OFF (no LED, or even stuff happening like screens lowering etc), when checking port status in the online tree studio reports a few feedback channels as ON even though all relay's are OFF.

Anybody experienced this or do i have a faulty system?


  • FrankieFrankie Posts: 71
    I have used the AXB-REL8 and have never had this problem.... maybe something else in your code is causing this???
  • Could be, i'll check it out some more today, also; it's not just the REL-8 relays but also the NI-3000 relays... strange
  • FrankieFrankie Posts: 71
    I just tryed a NI3000 here at my desk and the relay feedback works just fine. The NI ver. is 1.00.115
  • Are any of your relay channels in a DEFINE_MUTUALLY_EXCLUSIVE group?
  • Yes, some are... i think that with all the relay action going on i might have made a mistake somewhere along those lines. i'll check it out ...

  • alexanboalexanbo Posts: 282
    Mutually Exclusive does do some odd things with feedback. You may need to use Total Off instead of just Off as there is a difference between Output Channel(The relay status) and the Feedback Channel.
  • That could be the case... Thanx!
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