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Emailing an AMX system

Just had a thought and wanted to get some input on it. For all my jobs I setup the AMX system to monitor it's external IP address and then email via SMTP to keep my records straight.

I've been thinking about trying to get it so that I could email an AMX system a msg. Any ideas on how this would work? I kind of envision it as being something like you send an email to AMX@myhouse.com and then AMX parses out the message to do some kinda script. How would I set this up? Could you emulate a POP3 server?? Or could you make a connection with an ISPs POP3?


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    i!-EquipmentManager has some basic e-mail modules already set up; I've been using them for a while for sending, but haven't messed around much with the receive...it's in there though.
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    Reese JacobsReese Jacobs Posts: 347
    Emailing an AMX system

    Like Dave, I use the i!EquipmentManager for outgoing email from an AMX system but during initial testing, I did use the module to send an email to an AMX system. The email client portion of the module is based on retrieving email from a POP server and I have successfully used it to retrieve email. Check out the i! module for more information and for the code.

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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    How would I set this up? Could you emulate a POP3 server?? Or could you make a connection with an ISPs POP3?

    My initial thought would be to just have the master grab email from an existing POP3. Then just parse the subject field for some predetermined key word. If the key word is found, parse the message body and execute accordingly.

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    my thoughts exactly, although my keywords would be parsed in the body of the message. My goal is to enable it so that I can txt msg my AMX system from my phone with something like

    AMX.run.welcome home.@4:30pm


    HAI.open.front gate

    you get the picture. I'm just starting to look at the Monitor solution, seems straight forward, and their SMTP is a little more robust than my hack.
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    sonnysonny Posts: 208
    This is where Java will come in real handy, there are pop client classes that allow you to check for email, and when you do a retrieval all of the header and data information are neatly parsed. Haven't played with it yet, but I plan to use this to send XML structures to a NetLinx system. This will allow data to be sent from external sources without having to poke a hole in a firewall. Of course a SOAP call would do this as well.
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