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MIO Modero Keypads

Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Formerly Caffeinated ProgrammerPosts: 1,917
Has anyone found out any specifics on the new keypads that are talked about in the newsletter? How they communicate, how limited is the fixed menu system, what the prices points are, ....?

I am somewhat excited, but I am remaining skeptical until I hear more specifics :)



  • mediapilotincmediapilotinc Junior Member Posts: 82
    Saw the panels - they use Axlink (easy to replace legacy Axcess panels, not great for replacing Landmark panels) and some of them have blue back light ing activated by human presence, not motion. The panels with LCD screens were still early beta and the LCD's backlight was not working - not a real replacement for the DMS keypads from my first impression, but they do offer flexibility.

    Cannot answer your other questions at this time
  • Marc ScheibeinMarc Scheibein Junior Member Posts: 669
    On emore good feature is that they will fit in European Standard wallboxes (ok, not that important feature for the US market ;) )
  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Formerly Caffeinated Programmer Posts: 1,917
    Glad I didn't get my hopes up. I saw Modero in the name and references to using some of the modero technology and thought that maybe they communicated via an IP network.

  • AvophileAvophile Junior Member Posts: 70
    There is a clip on the cheesey "Live from Infocomm" stream on the AMX website that shows what appears to be the Mio Modero proximity activation feature in action. It seems to have trouble sensing the spokesperson's hand in front of it, taking an uncomfortable amount of time to light up. I don't recommend watching the stream, though.
  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Formerly Caffeinated Programmer Posts: 1,917
    Now that I've gotten past the communication issue, what is everyone else's opinion on the appearance of the keypads? (especially anyone that has seen them in person) To me it looks like the LCD is too small to be read easily. The overally impression I get of the lower end lines could probably be summed up with the word "cheesy". There is just something about putting little slips of paper inside plastic cases and calling them buttons that doesn't seem to fit the level of reliability and elegance that I picture when I think of an AMX system. The series with the engraved buttons and LED feedback show some potential for use in a residential setting, but this is highly dependant on the pricing.

    The Attache piece is hopefully targeted at commercial applications because there is no way I would put something that cumbersome into a residential application. And that was my thought before I found out that it is only an IR based product.

    I guess I went and got my hopes up thinking that they might be releasing a keypad to replace and enhance the DMS line :(

  • RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior Member Posts: 373
    I agree with Spire_Jeff. What we really need is a replacement for the DMS line. With the competition offering color LCD keypads, I feel that AMX needs to come up with something better. AXLink is OK for upgrading projects, but it may not cut out for demanding applications. Even the 8 year old DMS offers ICSNet, menu flexibility and mic for intercom. My first impressions by looking at the web info is that the MIO keypads are more on the lower end market. To be considered a modero keypad we need something that sports the elegance of the modero touch panel line: color, IP communications, menu flexibility, mic, etc. It looks like that the DMS line will be still around for a while.

  • Irvine_KyleIrvine_Kyle Junior Member Posts: 67
    Have to agree, I'm a little dissapointed. While I think the need to replace/upgrade the DMS keypads and MSP8 is a vaild one. This seems like more of a step backward than forward for AMX. How about a DMS style keypad with G3 graphics? That seems more of an advancement to the line. Or even a handheld remote similar to C4's would be nice for the lower end market.

    I sincerly hope that this is not a reflection of AMX's buy out.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Junior Member Posts: 4,584
    All considerations of the keypad quality aside, I suppose I'm in the minority saying I have no problems with Axlink devices per se. ICSNet has never been a favorite of mine; got burned too many times by Landmark, I suppose, and ICSNet is just another name for Phastlink. Lately, I've been having enough trouble with TCP devices, or at least AMX's implementation, that I'm not very happy with that either. Axlink is rock solid, as long as you have a wire going out to the right place (well, and no shorts on the line :)).
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