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Enabling service mode via the web interface

Is there any way of enabling (and disabling) service mode via the RMS web interface ?

Resetting the Service Mode parameter from Normal to Service via the web interface doesn't appear to do it. Even if the 'Service' is Equal to 'Service' condition is met, it still doesn't trip the maintenance alert and a green tick remains.

If done through code form the Netlinx device, it works as expected, and the red cross appears and a maintenance alert is generated.

Two other people have verified this to be the case.



  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    The error conditions only trip based on messages from the master. If you grab any changes to the service mode parameter in RMSDevMonSetParamCallback() or trap the 'SERVICE-x' command event you can echo that back to RMS and it will play nice.

    edit: I forgot to add - when doing the echo back you need to toggle the state from your code for it to take. Just a warning though, as the RMSEngine device is a NetLinx module it will echo any command you send it so you'll need a bit of logic to prevent an infinite loop.
  • Enabling service mode via the web interface

    RMS 2020 shown at infoComm will provide control of Service Mode via the web interface.
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