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MVP5200i/5150 issues

Lately we encouterd some problems with MVP5200/5150 panels, some of them are frozen, some of them just could not power up at all, is anyone having the same issues?



  • PLease verify that the MVPs have the latest firmware. There were some fixes regarding sleep and wakeup.
  • yanbinyanbin Posts: 86
    Some of them could not power up, so I could not load the latest firmware (2.66.33) to them.
  • oops, not read correctly, sorry

    Are you sure that the panels are physically off (not found by NetLinx master, no ping, etc)? The firmware fixed an issue where random panels gone to sleep by display timer, but when you wake them, the display doesn't turn on again but they are operating normal.

    In both situations you may try to press and hold the Setup button for at least a minute. THis will force the MVP-5xxx to do a hardware reset, and they should then boot again.
  • yanbinyanbin Posts: 86
    I did try to hold the setup button for more than 1 minites, panel still no response, not even the back LED light up, I think I have to send it back to AMX.
  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    You could always pull the battery. 5 screws ?, 2 I think are under the upper back rubber bumpers and 3 under plastic sticky cover where the kick stand parks.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've had that with 8400's and the only solution is to yank the battery. Never had a lockup (knock on wood) with a 5200 that wouldn't reset with holding down the center button.
  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    I still have issues from time to time where the 5200's just seem to die with no means of revival. Remove them from the cradle and plugged in power directly and nothing. Remove them from the jobsite and let them sit a few days and plug them in and they power up. One of them I opened up on the job and disco'd the battery and still nothing and that normally works. Maybe its charger was bad and this one was simply dead, dead. They fell offline after a remote file transfer and I have noticed issue with this from time to time especially if the VNC connection was left open. Sometimes I forget to close it before tranferring a new file. All run the latest and greatest firmware.
  • nicolaunicolau Posts: 40
    I am having an issue with a 5150 and would like to ask if anyone could help. This client's panel started to freeze after some use. No button can be pressed and a reboot using the left side button is necessary to start using it again. But sometimes it takes more than on boot for it to start again, it freezes from time to time on the AMX screen. When it is alive again, if you reboot it using telnet command it doesn't reboot but if you use the button on the setup page it reboots...Anyway, I decided to load the same firmware again to guarantee that any corruption inside is fixed. The current firmware is 2.66.21. All firmware files load from Netlinx Studio but when it ends the file loading it doesn't reboot....only using the button on the left to reboot it. Well, we can say that it was expected to happen but when it comes back it says "Upgrade Failed" and nothing changes since the same system is loaded again. Is there another way to force an upgrade?
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