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Extract .jar and .tko file from amx controller

I tried to extract code form amx controller but got only source code file .I found that source file contain only .axi and .axs file but i have not found .jar & .tko file . is it possible to extract .jar & .tko file from controller ?

Any idea ?


  • I don't want to play the nitpicker, but.... ;)

    "Build with Source" will build an archive of "source codes" only (.src).
    It will contain "classic" source like axs and axi, but not .jar, .tko (also not the source of a module), .tkn or .lib(SystemCalls).

    There's no way to directly save "Everything" from Studio to the master. A way may be to link all files into a workspace, do an "Export Workspace Files to Go" to get an axw archive, and then e.g. send it to the master's CF disk by ftp.
  • Thanks Marc.
  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    One could zip up the entire project and FTP it to the master. That'd be nice.

    However, this would assume that the programmer/intaller would have done so in the firsts place. It has been my experience with taking on orphaned or bad-relationship projects that nothing of this sort ever happens. I almost always end up reprogramming.
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