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I have a site where in i done have a AMX Touch Panel or a Touch Panel Interface like TPI-PRO, but i have a touch interface which is connected to PC which is on the same network as controller.
Now i know that in TP design3, we can save the TP file in HTML and post it in the FTP server of the controller so that the touch panel interface connected to the PC will work as a Touch Panel. But after uploading to the FTP server, i am not able to see Touch Panel on the PC. What is the URL Link i need to type on the address bar of the Browser?


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,713
    If you save it as NETLINX (not WebLinx) and upload directly with TPDESIGN3...
    Web to the NETLINX IP address, you will see the web client there if all is done correctly. Click it there to launch the window.
    I've used this, never used the WEBLINX version so I can't comment there.
  • TP Design3 & WebLinx

    Thnx for the reply and its working. But i found this error. Its showing Loading Java Virtual Machine from long time, but its not loading. So what is Java version that i need to install in my system and which browser i need to use for it to work
  • yuriyuri Posts: 861
    it uses the local java version when it's "compiling" your project, so it should work.
    Maybe the AMX popup page is blocked?
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    AMX stopped supporting this years ago, and it's kind of a crap shoot to get it to work. One of the Windows Updates in the XP time period broke it some time after G4 panels came out, and AMX simply dropped support in favor of G4 Web Control (which also doesn't quite work right when browser launched, but that's another story). I have been able to get it to work on some systems, but sporadically, and, on some systems, not at all. I simply have not been able to figure out the determining factor ... there are too many of them: the Windows version, the Java runtime version, the difference between the Java on your calling machine versus whatever got loaded on the master ... I eventually just stopped supporting it myself. It simply was not reliable enough to depend on.
  • TP Design3 & WebLinx

    I followed the suggestion from this link and i was able to do.
  • TP Design3 & WebLinx

    In the device addressing i have used the address 10128:1:0 for it to work. Y do we have to use only this address?
    Is this the address range for the web panel?
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