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Deleting multiple pages an/or popup pages

glr-ftiglr-fti Junior MemberPosts: 286
Anyone know of a way to delete more than one page at a time? I'm tired of having to respond to the 'are you sure you want to delete message' and then having the cursor move up to the top every time and then having to find where I had been.


  • felixmoldovanfelixmoldovan Junior Member Posts: 197
    Other than deleting the whole project? :-)
    Maybe editing the XML... Although getting there might require even more effort.
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    no and I would vote it my first choice of new improvements of and/all AMX software. It's probably the most annoying and time consuming things I deal with.

    My second is also with TPD4. That would be how it deals with icons. the id's don't move from one panel to the next. I never use icons myself. but things like the ReQuest interface does, so the layout and buttons get all jacked up when you copy pages from one file to another.
  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,682
    You can easily reassign slot positions of icons once they land, from within the resource manager, presuming you can tell the proper original order. Yes, it's wacky but not horrid.

    A bad as not being able to delete more than one at a time is not being able to copy more than one at a time. Coupled with the way fonts get permanently stuck in the project even though you aren't using them any more, and the fact the TPControl doesn't like a lot of fonts, and you have much pain to make a new clean project from a contaminated one. Endless copying one page at a time. With over 200 pages in our project, that's just terribly annoying.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    My biggest problem with icons is when you have more than one module using the same slots ... and no access to the code to change it. And though it is certainly possible to adjust the slots if you only have to re-arrange them to get it to work, it's a royal PITA.

    But back to topic ... not only do they need to allow multiple deletes, but multiple cut-and-paste as well. Failing that, some way to merge selected pages. It is beyond tedious when you have a module with a half-ton of pages or popups and you have to add them to an existing project.
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