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Need help with a Sharp Duet Module

I having some trauma with the latest Sharp projectors running the latest Duet Module for the XG-C455W. The heart of the problem actually lies with Sharp, and a change they made with the firmware. Let me explain...

In earlier Sharp projectors, there was a single string to return lamp hours. it was "TLTL 1". This returned the lamp life in hours.

In newer Sharp projectors, the added a command to return lamp life in percentage. But rather than use a new string, they recycled "TLTL 1" to now return lamp life in percentage, and created a new string to return hours: "TLTT 1"

The problem is that it appears the Duet module is still sending the "TLTL 1" because the results I am getting should be in hours, but is instead a percentage.

This seems like a really simple change to make within the module, but my Duet skills are non-existent. Would it be possible to get the module updated? I really need to have lamp hours in hours, not percentage.




  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    If it's an AMX developed module that you're using they're the only ones with the source, and as such the only ones that can make the change. It's well within their interesting to ensure that its functional, and as you mentioned it's an easy fix. Get in touch with the tech support guys or lodge a request through the website.
  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    You could also use the PASSTHRU & PASSBACK functions (if supported) to send the correct string for the info you seek and create your own buffer to receive the response. I don't know how long it would take TS to modify the mod but I don't think the turn around would be quick enough to meet your needs and the work around is relatively painless.
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