Wireless Thermostat

Does anyone know of any wireless thermostats that AMX could communicate to?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,341
    Lutron has recently unveiled their HomeWorks QS line which has wireless seeTemp Keypads,sensor and HVAC controller that should work very reliably since Lutron products generally do. I believe you can interface directly to the HVAC controller negating the need to actually have homeworks on the job. The QS systems appears to be a modular design and I supposed the protocols would be similar to the new Radio RA2 protocol which is fairly easy to work with. Actually if memory serves me they were all list in the same control document.

    The seeTemp Keypad is a very simple but elegant looking 1 gang decora device and I'm thinking these will be replacing Aprilaire stats on my jobs. I would prefer a wired device but the prices are probaly similar to the current Homework wired devices just like RA2 (wireless) devices vs HomeWork wired. Makes RA2 system cheaper than HomeWorks for material and you also save on the need to pre-wire.

    They also have plug in aplliance modules which will make homes eco friendly but more important to us they will be easy ways to add reboot capabilty for singular devices scattered through the jobs. I'm kinda stoked about some of their new releases. They also have a color Dynamic Keypad which looks pretty slick.
  • davegrovdavegrov Junior Member Posts: 114
    Lutron Radio RA2 Thermostat

    It was my understanding that Lutron was going to ship/release the Radio RA2 Thermostats in April 2011. I believe that the protocol is already on their website. It is supposed to be a single gang unit and connect wireless to the HVAC repeater that is wired up at the HVAC Unit. If it is like any other Lutron Product it should be an awesome product and make retrofit jobs even easier.
  • amxprog1amxprog1 Junior Member Posts: 15
    I don't understand.
    AMX has a different decisions. This is control any systems, WiFi, matrix audio and video, light...
    Why there is no ready decision on temperature measurement?
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 3709 Posts Posts: 4,130
    amxprog1 wrote: »
    I don't understand.
    AMX has a different decisions. This is control any systems, WiFi, matrix audio and video, light...
    Why there is no ready decision on temperature measurement?
    It has been my experience that the HVAC industry in general is protective of their world.

    HVAC technicians are slow to put in systems that they don't know about or ones that they didn't get paid to install. In their minds 3rd party T-Stats are just flaky things that make them come out and fix problems they didn't start.

    I've noticed that this generation of web-enabled T-Stats are almost all closed systems that don't speak to anything except the other parts of their integration stuff. (like alarm systems, pool controller and now even low-level home automation)

    The other issue is that there's probably no money in it for the company making the new communicating thermostats. There's really not much money in hardware manufacturing nowadays anyway. Most companies are lucky to get their development money back.
  • jimmywjimmyw Junior Member Posts: 112
    Check out IntwineEnergy.com I will be releasing a module file shortly that will let your master talk to their cloud, requires an internet connection. Response time from sending a command to the cloud to the tstat responding is <1s more than good for a thermostat, and you can poll all thermostats VERY quickly, also will have a scheduling agent built in. Cant release the source because of the NDA though.


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