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New to AMX... in assistance of providing client w/ motorized door locks and lighting

psalinaspsalinas Junior MemberPosts: 1
I'm new to AMX and still in the process of learning how to design a complete system. There's a potential client that wants to have motorized door locks and lighting control.

I know how to do this easily with other brands, such as Control4 and the Kwikset key locks. But, I have no idea on how or which third party devices I should include in my system when using an AMX controller. Could anybody provide me with some guidance?

Basically, this is what the client wants:
• Lights Control: 2 switches for external 100 Watts halogen backyard bulbs and 5 internal switches controlling up to 200 Watt per switch. Is there any simple and cheap way of using the Radia Modules? Are they easy to integrate through Visual Architect?
• Door locks: There are 3 external doors which locking/unlocking need to be controlled through the AMX central controller. Ideally, they all should have keypads; but in case there's nothing like the Kwikset smart locks for AMX, it would be fine to open/close door locks through relays. In that case, please also indicate any recommended configuration and products (with brand names).

Preferably, everything should be wireless as in a Control4 setup.

Thanks in advance.


  • davegrovdavegrov Junior Member Posts: 114
    Lighting Control

    For Lighting I'd use Lutron Radio RA2. Easy to sell, scaleable, easy to program, and great product.

    From CEDIA last year......a Zigbee Lock for AMX soon...still waiting. Might consider Anterus RFID carda nd contact closure for electronic locking. Check your building codes.

    My 2 cents

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