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NXD-CV7 Wireless G Card longer than board

I have a project with 5 old NXD-CV7 panels that I need to upgrade from the old Wireless B cards to the newer wireless G cards (NXA-WC80211G/CF). There is one serious problem that I've found, the newer G cards are at least 1/8" longer than the older B cards and after installing the new G card I noticed that it is longer and goes pass the TP main board edge, what makes it almost impossible to reinstall the TP back enclosure without forcing the panel very hard. I tried anything I could and the card still sticks out.

The older B card fits fine, the newer G card is too long. Do the NXD-700vi have a wider back enclosure? I managed to reinstall one panel, but the new card is making the outer enclosure plastic shell bend out quite a bit. Is this a design flaw or an incompatibilty? Any ideas? Any of you run into this problem? Thanks.

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