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Tandberg COMM Module Question

I am working on a program to control a Tandberg C40 codec and am using the COMM jar module off the AMX website. I seem to be able to control the codec by pulsing the appropriate channels, but every now and then there is a time lag on my button events or I seem to loose all control for short periods of time. I thought I may be on the physical edge of the range limit on my TP, but I also noticed my virtual device goes offline. See line 264 & 265. It does come back online by itself.
Line 261 (00:12:53):: String From [5001:7:1]-[XML/CUIL/2.0" product="TANDBERG Codec" version="TC3.1.1.220240">]
Line 262 (00:12:53):: String From [5001:7:1]-[$0D$0A<SystemUnit item="1">$0D$0A <Uptime item="1">1252</Uptime>$0D$0A</Sys]
Line 263 (00:12:53):: String From [5001:7:1]-[temUnit>$0D$0A</Status>$0D$0A</XmlDoc>$0D$0A]
Line 264 (00:13:05):: Device [41001:1] is Offline
Line 265 (00:13:05):: Device [41001:1] is Offline
I am going to do some more investigation, but was just wondering if anyone has seen this or has any ideas? The module was tested with codec firmware TC2.1 by the developer. The codec I am testing with appears to be loaded with a later version TC3.1+ (line 261). Other than a codec firmware variance or the need to update the controller firmware, I am not sure what would cause the virtual device to go offline periodically.


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    rfletcherrfletcher Posts: 217
    I'm going to be updating the comm module shortly at a number of sites because tandberg made some changes to the api that broke phone book functionality. I haven't seen the issue you describe, but its certainly possible they monkeyed around with something else that's causing your issue. They've got a release candidate for the next version of the module up at developer.tandberg.com.

    Just noticed something else. Make sure you are using at least module version TC_v1_1_2_dr_1_0_0, as that was the version where they added support for the C40
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