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Jar file couldn't be found..duet error in compile

Hi..I downloaded the latest duet module file for AMX-das-mi-4 zone controller device and unzipped all the files to the same diroctory..building it and it give me error mesage "[..... .tko] file couldn't be found" strange is its not a tko file its jar file i attached a screenshot about that.I read posts about that some guys said its about "Duet Runtime Environment v1.8" but it's not in webupdate?I set up Duet Platform Runtime v 1.15.230 instead..But its not runing anyway..Thank you for your help.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    I have this same issue. I have two projects that I wrote about 1-2 years ago with duet modules that suddenly won't compile unless I comment out the duet modules.
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