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WebUpdate may corrupt your PC

Hello Everyone,

Today I was doing AMX application updates via WebUpdate (Sofware History, Panel Builder, TP4) and after the update I got a Reboot Message, and select OK. Ater the reboot, something corrupted my Windows Logon script and after hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete and entering the User Name and Password, the system starts the ..." Loading the personal files" and never gets to the Windows 2000 desktop, instead it goes right to ..." Saving the personal files..." and asks for Ctrl-Alt-Delete again. I tried everything I could, including running scripting software via DOS to clear the passwords and the system still did the same thing. Spent a few hours on microsoft.com and a number of forums and still couldn't find a solution. Tried Windows 2000 repair from CD, it repaired the install, but the logon problem still exists. I usually use manual download to update my AMX applications, since WebUpdate never flags the correct updates. Unfortunately, today I decided to save time, what resulted in a lost day and a full OS install. Be carefull with WebUpdate or perhaps the last AMX updates. My system was stable for 21/2 years.


  • Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Junior Member Posts: 1,164
    Did it say the system32/ntoskrnl.exe was missing?
    The reason I ask was last week after doing an update my whole system crashed and I had to rebuild it. I also noticed my laptop just started doing odd things not 5 minutes ago. I blamed a virus but maybe it wasn't.
  • RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior Member Posts: 373
    No it DID NOT say the system32/ntoskrnl.exe was missing. I did a parallel Windows 2000 OS Install in the same partition and can see all my user files intact. It looks like that a Win2000 OS file got corrupted after the Reboot following a AMX WebUpdate. I am trying to see if I can repair the logon/user accounts on the WINNT directory from the WINNT2 install that I created. I hate to have to spend days loading all the applications and setting all the user preferences. Any ideas just let me know.

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