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Problem w/Debugging and NXC-ME

I have an NCC-ME master (non-me260) and it will not communicate properly with NL Studio when debugging variables. I've sent the master a simple program, and If I add a var to the debug watch list, all columns are blank in the list. I have sent the same program to my other master & all works fine. They are using the same firmwares & computer to uipload/debug....Has anyone else ran into this which seems ultra-strange. Otherwise, the master seems to be working fine.
I have re-flashed the firmware and don't know what else to try. I am using NLS v2.3.0.102 and firmware v2.31.137 on the master. Any input would be appreciated.


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I don't think this is limited to the NXC-ME; I've seen it on just about every master I have used. It's more likely the particular variable you are trying to watch. You can't watch stack variables, and you can't watch variables internal to a module that are part of the parameters list (use the declaration the calling program refers to instead). I've had mixed results with variables local to functions and CALLs - many times you have to highlight and drag them to the debug window, and delete and restore them each time you re-open the debug window. If you try to watch a variable that has an ambiguous reference and you get the dialog asking to choose it from a list, the references in that list are often flat-out wrong if your code includes any include files.

    In other words, the variable watch debugging feature needs some work. I often get around the limitations by temporarily re-defining a troublesome variable as global before trying to watch it. It helps a great deal as well to give variables unique names, even between the parameter list in a module definition and the call for the same module, despite the fact that the variable scope makes it non-ambiguous to the compiler. The debugger isn't as robust.
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