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How to control the second camera for Tandberg C40 unit


I had a Tandberg C40 Duet Module to control C40 unit. every thing was ok, but I couldn't control second camera. Who can advise me, how to control the second camera for Tandberg C40 unit.

By the way, I found a question to use this C40 Duet moudle. When we reboot the C40 unit, I could not use AMX controller to control C40 unit any more. I had to reboot the AMX controller,then ervey thing was ok. It is strange.

Thank a lot for your help!



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    PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    Unfortunately I can't be of use for the camera problem, but as for the reboot depending on how the module has been put together once it's back up comms should be re-initialized (the tandberg modules are usually pretty good for this guff). If that's not working just shoot the module a 'REINIT' command and all will be good.
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