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Garbled Code

jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
WOW - This was wierd. I opened up a file in Netlinx Studio, it told me something about an CRLF error, and it was converted or whatnot. I've seen it quite often, and never really paid any attention. Well this time, it seems to have messed up my code - BIG TIME. Dollar signs, exclamation points, carets, and opening parenthesis were all over the place. Not only were these uncalled for symbols appearing, but text was replaced as well. Instead of "dvTP1", it turned to "dvTU1", or "dvT\1" and "BUTTON_EVENT" was turned into "BUTTON_E^ENT". I had to go through my entire code to catch all the errors. Before noticing all this, it was giving me a "Pre-processor error: Unrecognized char in input", and found little black blocks with letters in them, just as if you hit CTRL+B in the editor.

Has anyone seen this before and is there anyway to prevent this from happening again?


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    File or memory curruption. The first thing I would have done was shut down siwthout saving anything and reloading the file in question - then at least if it was in memory, the original wouldn't be skronked.

    Either way, it's far more likely to be a hardware problem than with Studio. I've never had anything remotely like that happen, though I do get the CRLF conversion notice regularly.
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    CR\LF Conversion

    Do you only edit the source files in Studio 2? I too have had this error when loading a source file. I mainly edit using UltraEdit, which is way, way better than the Studio text editor (an AMX staff software engineer once told me he used it too). I put the CR\LF error down to UltraEdit, which will delete trailing spaces when it saves a file. I figured it was not always putting in the right CR/LF line terminations (not all editiors require them to be explicitly there). UltraEdit also creates backups automatically so you could have recovered the trashed file from the backup. see www.ultraedit.com
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