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Change Chameleon Image

Just an FYI, the command to change a Chameleon image at runtime is ^BMI. This is tricky to find because the word "chameleon" is not used to describe the functionality, so searching for information on how to modify a "chameleon" image will not lead you to the ^BMI command, nor calling AMX to ask them if there is a way to change the chameleon image at runtime ("Nope, sorry, I found a request to add this functionality, but I just spoke with the guys "in the know" and it has not been added to any firmware yet").
AMX-PI wrote:
"'^BMI-<variable text address range>,<button states range>,<mask image>'"

Set the button Mask image. Mask image is used to crop a borderless button to

a non-square shape. This is typically used with a bitmap.


SEND_COMMAND <DEV>,"'^BMI-<vt addr range>,<button states range>,<mask image>'"


variable text address range = 1 - 4000.

button states range = 1 - 256 for multi-state buttons

(0 = All states, for General buttons 1 = Off state and 2 = On state).

mask image = Graphic file used.


SEND_COMMAND Panel,"'^BMI-530,1&2,newMac.png'"

Sets the button with variable text 530 ON/OFF state mask image

to 'newmac.png'.

Very obviously the name was changed from "Button Mask Image" to "Chameleon" and the change didn't propagate through all the documentation.


  • Chameleon Image

    This is what happens when the technical writers don't get the Sales and Marketing memo. :D

    Thanks, Chad.
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