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TP4 and Panel Preview Serious Problems

I just loaded the latest TP4(2.5.452) and G4 Panel Preview( applications in a clean Windows 2000 SP4 partition and know I am having problems that didn't happen before.

- In G4 Panel Builder, after trying a few button pushes, G4 Panel Builder stops working and I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to try closing it. It never returns to TP4, what also results in a crash of TP4. I have to restart the machine to get back to normal operations. ' MAKE SURE YOU SAVE BEFORE USING G4 PANEL PREVIEW'.
-TP4 reports a " Task not completed error" while designing pages. Some Links to other pages or popups get corrupted. Even though the link is correct, it never goes to the desired page on both G4 Panel Preview or the actual Touch Panel (MVP 8400)

It looks like that the latest TP4 and G4 Panel Preview applications are accessing some core Windows OS resources that the previous versions didn't, what is resulting on the above problems.

My machine: Windows 2000 SP4, 512MB, 20GIG. This machine worked fine with all previous versions.

Anybody out there with similar problems?



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