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AMX DCS + AVX-400 Problems


I'm trying to configure a AVX-400 with a Novara Keypad SP-08-AX-US and it´s everything working (with all the dip Switches on 0, so I have the Rs-232 Mode).

I have the default programing for the keypad:

Button 1 - Select Input 1
Button 2 - Select Input 2
Button 3 - Select Input 3
Button 4 - Select Input 4
Button 5 - Volume Up
Button 6 - Volume Down
Button 7 - Display On/Off (here's my problem!)
Button 8 - Audio + Pic Mute

Everything is working but the Button 7. I have a Projector Dell 4610X and the AMX DCS has the hex codes for it but when I try to send it by the AMX DCS to the enova, for some reason my program start to stop communicating and then I have to force close it (with ctrl+alt+del and then finish the application).

If I try with any other Brand of Projector the file is uploaded to the Enova.

Also I saw that when I hold Button 7 for 3 seconds the light of the button lights up but when I hold it again (to turn off the projector) it doens't lights off.

I've already updated the firmware of the Enova and also downloaded the last update of the AMX DCS software but it keeps giving me errors. I tried to create my own Projector file but when I send it, it gives me an error like this:

'Error in UserControlEnovaPanel_WriteSpiCommandDataToDevice'

but the programming is sent after the error has apeared 3 times.

Does anybody knows what should I do? Anyone had this problem before? Appreciate any help.

Thank you.


  • Anyone?

    Please help me. I'm on the site and I need to make this work.

  • new dcs library change

    please copy that library file you are interested in ( DEll 4610x) and create a whole new one with the exact same information except for one thing. Please change the lamp time formula to <3>*’256’<4>.

    The formula in the library is incorrect.
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