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SONY/MITSU Serial Control Question

I have a Mitsubishi WS65515 65" CRT Projo Television & would like to control it via its RS-232C DB9 port on rear. I cannot seem to find any info on the protocol used on this set. I am currently controlling this one with a AXB-TMC and have the TV sensor + emitter inside the set near one of the guns. Can the RS232 port provide power state info or just accept commands?

Also, I have several Sony 27" 800x600 monitors (in a small video-wall)connected to a rack of Sony AV equp. Can IR be sent through the Control-S phono-type connectors, without the carrier signal, or is it more complicated than that? Is this port for receive-only commands? And what is the deal with the other Sony Control ports that have an In-Out connection...proprietary? Thanks in advance for any info.


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    banobano Posts: 173
    Mitsu rs-232

    Give this attachment a try. I have a 55" mitsu rp that I tried this on with no luck. I'm not sure if there might be some enabling command in the service menu. If you get this to work, please let me know the secret of your sucess.
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    AdaptelAdaptel Posts: 41

    Thanks for the great info! Where did you get this? I searched the net far & wide looking for that exact document.
    I am going to give this a shot. If I have any success, I will post code in this thread.
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    banobano Posts: 173
    mitsu rs-232

    I found the mitsu rs-232 doc on the avsforum.......good luck!
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    tom goeztom goez Posts: 75
    SONY/MITSU Serial Control Question

    Most, if not all, units that use 232 control, echo back some sort of response codes which are outlined in the protocol manual.

    You can send Control-S from an IR port by simply turning off the carrier. You will need a statement in the DEFINE_START or DATA_EVENT for the device. As I remember, Control-S makes no provision for feedback or confirmation. It's simple to do. A two conductor cable with shield, and the appropriate 1/8" TRS connector.

    If using an AXB-TC, TM5, etc. channel 255 changes state according to the magnetic pickup that senses the unit's yoke sweep signal. You can insure proper power state by utilizing PON, POF, POD statements that are outlined in the TC's manual.

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    AdaptelAdaptel Posts: 41
    My results

    I connected my mitsubishi projection TV to a serial port & used a HEX terminal program to send a few commands. I manually calculated the checksum for the last byte. Most commands I got no response from the TV but sending a power status request, I get a confusing response because it seems to be missing a byte based on the protocol description.
    Power Status Request:
    TX: DF 80 70 F8 02 00 80 B6
    RX: 7F 02 E1 04 80 01 C2
    Volume UP:
    TX: DF 80 70 F8 02 08 01 45

    Any ideas anyone?
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