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EloTouch panel and tpi/4-where's the tpDesign file?

I have a system using and eloTouch 15 series panel w/ an AMX tpi/4 interface. I've only ever used the AMX panels connected straight to the AMX master. I need to edit the panel file (which would be TPDesign4 file in AMX) so I tried to download it w/ no luck. I'm assuming this is a TPDesign file stored on the AMX tpi/4 and not on the eloTouch. I've checked the documentation for both devices and found nothing about file transfers. Can anyone verify the file type and location for me?


  • tom goeztom goez Posts: 75
    ELO + TPI4

    It is listed in TPDesign4 as panel type NXP-TPI4. The file is uploaded to the TPI/4 just like it would be to a touchpanel.
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