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Multi-Button Edit Goofiness

This is a strange one. I have a project I've taken over with no source code left behind. So I'm re-writing the processor code. I'm going to keep the TP graphics, for now, but decided to modify all of the button codes to fit my standards. I upload the panel files and start to edit. I can edit individual buttons with no problem, however, when I select multiple buttons I get some goofy behavior.

For example, if I select several buttons and try to update the address code, TPD4 locks up and requires a Task Manager kill. Interestingly, the data in the port and code fields that are common to the buttons also disappear upon selection. If I select multiple buttons that have the same channel code (different ports), the channel code in the property window changes to something in setup, i.e. Panel Master Volume Up. I can't edit the field, but TPD4 doesn't lock up in this case.

Now, I also tried doing a Power Assign, which interestingly enough, seemed to clean the data up enough, no problems with multi-edit after that.

After talking to tech support, I tried creating a new panel and copy/paste in the screens, but no luck. Copy/paste buttons, save as different panel type, etc. don't help either. I tried other panels I've developed in the past, but the edits all work as expected. Doesn't do it on every page.

Any thoughts? Maybe a corrupt image? It would seem like editing and saving would clean up any file corruption.


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've had corrupted panel files cause weird behavior, but it's extremely rare. There is a function in TPD4 that will refresh the channel data (Panel | Verify Function Maps) that will sometimes clear things up, but not always. If not, and the power assign is working, I'd do that to clear the bad ones.
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