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Set Pulse Time Q

Hello all,
i'm using a CD-Changer by sony and i use an IR file from the IR database from AMX. when i pulse "Next Track" it would jump 2 tracks forward insted of one.
so, i used SET_PULSE_TIME(1) and now it works fine.
BUT.... now the Pioneer Plasma that i use won't work.... so i need to the following for the Plasma & CD to coexist...

PUSH [dvTP,1]

isn't there a way to set the pulse time for a single IR port insted of all of them?
it will save a ton of work on codes....

Thank you,


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    Reese JacobsReese Jacobs Posts: 347
    Set Pulse Time Q

    As an alternative, use SEND_COMMANDs to the specific IR device to send pulses which can be configured for a specific duration and delay and therefore are not subject to the global pulse setting. The SP command is used to stack pulses to send to an IR device. It operates on the pulse duration and delay values set for the port using the SEND_COMMAND CTON and CTOF values. It also has a nice side effect in that pulses sent in rapid succession to the IR device are queued and sent out to the device per the duration/delay values. This is handy when sending multiple pulses to a device since it eliminates the need for you to worry about WAITs or TIMELINEs to pace the commands.

    Be aware that there are reports of SP stack pulse commands not working properly on certain firmware versions of the NI integrated controllers. Take this into consideration if you plan to convert.

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    RonenRonen Posts: 55
    Set Pulse Time Q

    thanks for the help, i will try it tommorw at the costumers house, but it looks great, just what i wanted :)
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    The 'SP' command is broken on the NI series firmware 1.00.118 only. Version 1.00.115 is fine, and NXI's are fine, as well as IRS4 boxes. The problem with it is the IR queue gets locked up, the result being no IR going out. Using 'CP' instead of 'SP' fixes it, but that doesn't work very well if you really do need to queue commands up since it clears the queue first. My workaround has been to start a sequence with 'CP,' then send subsequent commands with 'SP.' The other solution is to revert to firmware 1.00.115, but it's not available for download anymore from AMX, and I have no idea off the top of my head what issues there are with that revision.
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    RonenRonen Posts: 55
    SP vs. CP

    I don't need to queue up commands, all i need is just a couple of "Push Pulse"
    commands to a device...
    But, i think i would go with the CP command, i don't want to be called because the IR port got stuck.

    Thanks again for the help
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