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NXD/NXT-CV7 Firmware v2.57.53 problem?

Hello Everybody,

I noticed that the new firmware for the MVPs/CV10/CV7 2.57.53 has a problem with video signal (composite signal) on CV7 .The video picture is shifted to right and the remaining picture will get displayed on the left. The same thing will apply for up and down.

The Video Cropping for the button is set as 4:3/16:9 Anamorphic(0 lines)

Does anyone have an idea about?


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    Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    Have you tried to reload the older firmware to see if the problem goes away?
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    bogdanbogdan Posts: 42
    Yes. I have tried to reload the firmware to version v2.55.43 to see if the problem goes away and YES the problem goes away.

    I have received a CV7 yesterday from AMX with the new firmware loaded and the same problem.

    My question is.
    There is anyone out there experiencing the same problem (composite video button problem) with the new firmware v2.57.53?

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