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Cres and AMX integration - does anyone need it?

I was bored this weekend so finally decided to get my mini-theater programmed. What I have decided to do was program the main system to run on a Cres processor, since it's easier to show off to my technically-inclined non-programmer friends, since I need to practice since it's been a couple years since programming one and just to see if this cross-integration could be done easily. The only native Cres stuff I am using is the iPhone app and some lighting...all other control hardware is AMX. Additional ports are provided by an NI-3100 and an AXCENT3, the touchpanel is an MVP-8400. I think I have an MVP-7500 around too that I'll use near the doorway or something.

So, I set to writing some conversion modules this weekend, and I'm mostly done. I just need to write a serial port module to automate setting the baud rate and other settings, and a one-way channel module with named parameters using default AMX bindings for IR use... but the Cres modules for strings, commands, buttons, channels, levels, and an addressable text module are done and working, and the AMX listen-to-and-interact-with-devices module is done as well. Devices will sync when ONLINEd and when the IP connection between both processors is made. Now it's fairly painless for me to use an AMX touchpanel on a Cres system, to use the I/Os on the NI, etc... it's really as simple as dropping in a symbol, setting the AMX device address on it, and interfacing with the signals.

While I have doubts anyone is interested, there may still be someone, so if you could use these modules or have questions, reply or PM me.


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    sethollesetholle Posts: 66
    CRES to AMX

    I did this as well awhile ago, i made a standard protocol for all button pushes, levels, strings etc, and sent that between them ip. This allows basically for me to use a ******** panel with an amx system or vice versa.
    I have a demo in our showroom where both track and run together.
    I can be useful, especially to use certain ******** products only available from ********, as well as certain products only available from amx.
    Do this quite a bit with amx systems and c$ switchers.
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    truetrue Posts: 307
    setholle, what I am trying to do is be as complete about it as I can - so far I have channels/levels to/from digitals/analogs stuff of course, and send_str/cmd interface, but other things like touchpanel management, AMX TP popup management, etc. have also been written. Basically something I can very easily integrate and reuse.

    It's not a difficult problem, but a problem that takes a little bit of time that others may not want to spend...which is why I am offering. :) I'm literally going hungry right now which is a bit more important but once I get some food and cool down I'll wrap up what I have and post it somewhere.
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