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Panasonic IP-Cameras Dynamic Image


I'm looking for an example to show two diffrent Panasonic IP Camera on a MVP 9000.


The example from the Help file in TPDesgin doesn't work.



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    thomas.judthomas.jud Posts: 44
    Protocol: HTTP
    Path: cgi-bin
    File: camera?ch=1

    Hope it works.

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    AMX_AMX_ Posts: 8
    Thomas, thank you it works.
    But i must set the Refresh Rate = 1.

    What can i do for faster refresh?

    Has anybody another Dynamic image settings for the Panasonic Cameras?

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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Set refresh to zero, and make sure the check box is not checked to only load when the panel starts up. Also try it with the Dynamo box checked ... though I've had mixed results there. You may have to play with the settings in the camera too, make sure it isn't forcing Quicktime or something like that that the panel doesn't support. And lastly - don't depend on the preview in TPD4. I had several occasions when the preview wouldn't work and said it couldn't create the image, but the panel managed it just fine.
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    AMX_AMX_ Posts: 8
    Yes i've tried that.
    But the Panel show then a still picture.

    I think the URL is wrong. When i put the URL from Thomas in the IExplorer the Picture will only refreshed if i pressed F5 (actualize)
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I haven't used that model camera, but it seems what you are missing is an option to make it server push. The camera appears to be waiting for your client to ask for the image.
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    Pep_SDPep_SD Posts: 106
    This URL http://<Camera IP address>/cgi-bin/camera? gives access to a still picture.
    This is not the live stream - I think.

    And I too need it. It changed from the models from a few years ago.
    It use to be http://<Camera IP address>/nphMotionJpeg?Resolution=640x480&Quality=Standard as an example.

    So if someone has the stream URL for these Panasonic WV-ST165 and other, thanks a bunch to post it.
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    AMX_AMX_ Posts: 8
    Panasonic Camera with mor than one TP

    With more than one TP on a Panasonic Camera will doesn’t work. We have solved this problem with the following workaround. By select the Camera send the ^RMF Command. This example need a dynamic image „StreamingCamera“


    Setup Camera:
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