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AMX GUI templates now available

Hi guys,

For those interested (and I know that's not everyone) we have just released our new GUI templates for AMX. We've got these for 800x600, 840x480 (two sizes) and iPhone/iPod Touch. More resolutions and styles will follow. You can see them here http://www.customcodecrafters.com/section/45/1/amx_templates

As a promotion we're also giving away a complete iPhone/iPod Touch template free of charge here http://www.customcodecrafters.com/section/48/1/candy .

Hope you like them.


  • the8thstthe8thst Posts: 470
    The button borders are a touch wide, but other than that I like the X-Ray theme pretty well.

    Good job.
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,906
    Not too shabby. Just curious - any way to demo these? Perhaps a password protected / locked TP file that we could load up and give them a real spin on a panel?
  • Thanks guys.

    Unfortunately, we're pretty restricted on how we can demo these without giving all our graphics away free, which is a shame as we'd obviously love to demo them to you. As far as I'm aware there's no way that we can lock down a .tp4 file (unless anyone knows any better?).

    We're always looking at ways we can show our templates better and we're planning to add flash demos to our site in the future so you can play with them and see how they flow. We have a youtube channel also where we post video demos from time to time - there's a demo of a (quite highly) customised version of X-ray on there http://www.youtube.com/user/CustomCodeCrafters

    Other than that, I'd definitely say have a look at our free Candy template. It's not to all tastes but it will give you an idea of our work and in my opinion the screenshots don't do it justice (I didn't design that one, so I can say that! :) ).
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,906
    Right - completely understandable. I know Blackman Signature Designs (snazy graphics if I may say) password protects their TPs for demo purposes.

    Oh well though - at least we get a glimpse.
  • Ok, I'd be interested to know how Blackman do that. I'll have to investigate - are the demos avaiable on their site - I can't see any from a brief glance?
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,906
    TPD4 -> File -> Project Properties -> Protection -> Locked and put in whatever password you want.
  • Ah you learn something new every day!

    I'll look into this and if we can we'll get some demos up on the website.

    Thanks again.
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,906
    Cool. I think it'd be much better for C3 to show what each template does, rather than showing just one image. Graphics are one thing, but the intended flow is another - something could look slicker than snot, but be a pain in the butt to operate. To be able to load up a file on to an 8400, or 9000i and actually use it would be a big bonus to your potential customers. Since I'm sure there is a no-refund policy, how could anyone possibly know what they're buying from one image, so being able to press a button and see how it reacts could help someone's purchasing decision.

    Good luck!
  • Yep, we're looking into this, appreciate the feedback jjames.

    When you say just one image though, are you aware that there's multiple screenshots available by clicking on the thumbnail and then moving through the images on the image viewer - I'm probably totally stating the obvious here but I'm not sure if it's completely clear or not on the site? There's also a full rundown of the contents of the template in there.

    Not as good as a demo, granted but there may be more info on there than some people realise at present (in which case I need to make it clearer).
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,906
    Ah - I didn't see that actually! Thanks for pointing it out.
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