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Problems with MAX MMS-HT-12

I have a problem

The AMX MMS-HT-12 was hanging after 15 minute of playing a movie. We did a hard reboot and it asked for maintenance root and password.After a few minutes of booting the error occured stating Boot Device could not be found.
Now it is stuck.


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    the8thstthe8thst Posts: 470
    These threads are not officially monitored by AMX tech support.

    Your best bet is to call tech support to get a solution to your problem.
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    Just had a problem with an HT04 last week, and it was the power supply. Unit was going offline and doing other odd things but the disk drives and NIC cards were still lit up.

    I would check the PS before sending the unit for service. I saw the same error about the O/S at one point when the disk drives weren't powering up properly.

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    Sorry, just re-read. We didn't have a boot device not found error, but rather an OS not found error. I'd still lean toward a power supply issue, but you can also check the CMOS battery and the BIOS to make sure it didn't get corrupted.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    There were problems with the chassis at one point, and I'm not convinced they were ever resolved. The symptom was that drives would randomly drop off line, and had to be reseated to get working again. The real problem was that if you didn't catch it in time, the raid array would be compromised if another dropped before you reset the first. If your boot drive dropped, the OS could get corrupted, and it happened to me more than once with the same system. I had a system with three chassis, and had them all swapped out and upgraded, plus more than a week of re-ripping the guy's media, and still the problem persisted. Eventually, he stopped paying for service calls, so I stopped going out, and without me re-seating the drives weekly, the entire thing died. I know the official reason AMX dropped the product was a legal issue, but I can't help but think the downright dogness of the product was a factor too. If they were making a ton of money on the thing, they would have found a way to overcome the legal issues (IMO).

    But what can you do? First, check if all the drives are online (no red lights). Maybe you'll get lucky, and reseating the boot drive will bring it back. Otherwise, if you can get a boot disc with the OS, you may get it running again by restoring it. However, I can't speak to whether the media will survive.
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