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Rotation Support

It would be nice to see support for rotation, rather than having to design the touchpanel layout as either landscape OR portrait. There are many other iPad control apps out there that support this.
If this feature is due to be added, when can we expect it?


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,718
    TPControl is an emulation of AMX panel function for the iThing platform. While the platform has capabilities beyond or different from an AMX panel, the TPC app tries to be an AMX panel, not something different. This lets you use AMX tools to generate panel projects.

    What you suggest would require AMX to redesign the authoring tool and for TPC to enable new functionality. You'd have to have a way to design the entire project in both formats (twice) in the same file, and TPC would have to manage which version of which page will appear depending on the gravity sensors.

    This is not impossible, but highly improbable, as AMX would be totally redesigning a major function in their tool set at their own expense, that would benefit ONLY panels that they do not sell, on behalf of a third party company in which AMX has no or limited ownership stake.

    Other possibilities exist; one can imagine a TPC app doing real-time juggling running two separately authored panel projects, one in each orientation made with the current tools. This would be quite a feat, but would be more of a kludge than a solution. A LOT of work without much revenue resulting, I'd think.

    For clarity, I do not work for AMX nor TPC. My statements are opinion based on my experience to date.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've seen a few other apps that don't support rotation, and I have to agree with John ... AMX has no percentage adding it to TPDesign. Since it is just an emulator, I can't see a way to manage it unless you could load two entirely independent panels in each aspect, and automatically switch them. I'm not sure that can be done either.
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