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iPad/iPhone Apps for Integrators... Which do you use?

I was working with another AMX programmer recently and they had a cool iPad app that I wasn't aware existed, so I figured I would start a thread about which iPad/iPhone app(s) do you use for installing and troubleshooting control system installs? Also, which have you tried and suggest others avoid? :)



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    Would you care to share the name of the app that sparked your interest?

    Currently I use TPC and a Telnet app on either iPad or my Android phone when I don't feel like taking out the laptop.

    ConnectBot is the Android app, but I forget the name of the free app for iPad (it did take a while to find a free one).
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    I currently use:
    logmein.com's Ignition
    RDP (another remote desktop utility)
    iTeleport VNC
    Lutron Homeworks
    Lutron Home+

    and am waiting on the release of AMXJeff's ipad app.
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    For AMX testing I use AMlinX alot as it let's you setup buttons very quickly

    We also use a barcode reader app that allows us to input serial numbers very quickly into our job sheets

    Go on tell us what the cool iPad app was!!
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    I work with iRidium, mostly because of ICSP protocol support (many of my projects are hotels and they want to be protected) and the price of course (lower price for the app with more functionality)

    I also like thier Brand-new concept with Ultimate license for unlimited number of panels
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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    I use quite a few doodads myself...

    iNet network scanner
    pTerm terminal for telnet
    Jump PC remote desktop client
    FTPOnTheGo. FTP client.
    SYSLogger for sending SYSLOG messages
    TCPIP for iPad
    MySQL admin for iPad
    NetLinx Diagnosis for iPad
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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    The app was a network scanner that I couldn't recall the name of this morning as I was pulling out my laptop and going through the steps to use nmap. As I did this, I was thinking about the network scanner on the iPad and how it would be much easier and provided everything I needed in this particular case. That prompted me to start the thread in hopes that someone would list a network scanner (Thanks Eric!) that I could add to my toolbox. In addition to my immediate self-serving goal, I figured a more long-term self-serving goal would be gaining the knowledge of other apps that I didn't even think to consider for the toolbox :)

    As of right now, I use:
    GoodReader (PDF reader for job documentation)
    eWallet (so I can be lazy and not have to remember more than a single password :) )
    iCircuit (for when I need to design a circuit to allow integration)
    Urbanspoon (to help me decide what to eat when I am out of town at a jobsite)
    Numbers (I have a nice form for quick job walk through documentation)

    I have installed:
    iTeleport (stopped using after getting TPControl)
    Lutron HomeWorks Light Control (use very infrequently to show clients with AMX system)
    My Home (Control4 touch panel)
    Iridium HD (found TPControl easier to implement, but still watching this)

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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    Ping lite ( also does telnet)
    IP Scanner
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    any one know of any Android apps?
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    mushmush Posts: 287
    regallion wrote: »

    any one know of any Android apps?

    I'm with you regallion, they're all sheep! ;-)

    Android apps;
    Dolphin Browser HD (best I've found for browsing masters)
    ES File Explorer
    Overlook Fing
    Wifi Analyzer
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,735
    Jimweir192 wrote: »
    For AMX testing I use AMlinX alot as it let's you setup buttons very quickly!

    Nice one, thanks! Docs are in French only... I think it is saying the write address for the text line is 1,100.
    It takes a single number per button, and they are all on page 1. So enter a 16 and it does a push of 1,16.


    Odd: The green dot to indicate connections alternates to RED, it does not appear to go offline, just pulsing green/red meaning it is connected.
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    Yep, it's pretty raw, and not been updated, but I find it useful as a substitute for emulate a device for quick and dirty testing.

    The online status, I've not paid attention to as it does appear to be random
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    PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    We all run a standard base set on our iPads consisting of:
    • ProAudioCalc - nice for quick calculations
    • Pinouts - wiring for just about every connector in existance
    • Elektor ETB - full component info and useful calculators
    • Mocha VNC - VNC client
    • Calculator HD: Programmer - nice simple little calculator with decimal, octal, hex, and binary support
    • Air Display - turns the iPad into an external display for a mac or PC
    • Citrix Receiver - for remote access
    • AudioTools with Smaart Tools module - full real time audio analysis suite
    • Skype - for communication, also use FaceTime
    • Dropbox - used as a central equipment manual / documentation repository
    • Bamboo Paper - because paper is so last century
    • A whole bunch of video test patterns as PDF's - this lets you use the iPad along with display adapters as a video test gen for projector focusing and checking skew

    I also then have:
    • Photosynth - wicked for capturing a space
    • Flipboard - for news
    • iA writer - awesome for writing system documentation
    • MindNode - amazing mind mapping apps
    • Things - todo list management, also syncs across iThings
    • TouchOSC - customizable OSC control surface, great for rapid interface prototyping
    • LS9 StageMix - gives wifi control of eq's and aux mixers of LS9 consoles (more for live)
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    The folks at infocomm did a recent survey and posted the list of industry apps others found useful.

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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    I just started using FtpOnTheGo Pro and it's pretty handy to FTP into local or remote systems, view, open, edit files and it also opens zips and displays pictures. Well worth the $9.95
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    the8thstthe8thst Posts: 470
    I might be a little slow, but I just discovered Fing on Android.

    This free app is really cool. It is a very fast mac scanner/pingtest/network discovery/all around network tools program.

    Here is the description from the web page:
    Enjoy the view of your network.
    Born from the ashes of Look@LAN Network Monitor, Fing is the ultimate toolkit for network management:
    * network discovery
    * service scan (TCP port scan)
    * ping
    * traceroute
    * DNS lookup
    * Wake on LAN
    * TCP connection tester
    * MAC address and vendor gathering
    * customizable host names and icons
    * connectivity detection
    * geolocation
    * Integrated launch of third-party Apps for SSH, Telnet, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SAMBA
    Available on: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android, iPhone/iPod/iPad.
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    ipad app - Barcode


    The app to scan barcodes for serial numbers would be cool - and save a lot of time on installs.

    Would you be willing to recommend the name of the app so I can give it a try (ther eis a few out there, but if you have found one that does the job, I would appreciate a push in the right direction)



    Jimweir192 wrote: »
    For AMX testing I use AMlinX alot as it let's you setup buttons very quickly

    We also use a barcode reader app that allows us to input serial numbers very quickly into our job sheets

    Go on tell us what the cool iPad app was!!
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    "TouchOSC - customizable OSC control surface, great for rapid interface prototyping"

    I am a musician and am familiar with TouchOSC. Can you explain how you use this for programming? Im very interested!
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    PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    I have TouchOSC talk to pd then communicate with devices from there using socket comms either directly or via an NI.
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    VladaPUBVladaPUB Posts: 139
    NetLinxDiag , good app for debuging on site !
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