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MVP-5200i(v2.86.52) and maximum file size

Here is the known issue with this firmware
•Some large projects that used most of the available RAM will no longer load due to a decrease in available RAM to support the new font rendering engine. This typically results in the panel jumping to the setup pages but sometimes results in a black screen.

What is the maximum file size that can be loaded for this touch panel using this firmware. My current touch panel size is 20 MB


  • Did you delete user pages prior to reloading? 20mb should be fine!
  • I tried that and i tried sending it via the netlinx studio. But i cant come out of set up pages after i upload
  • How much is the available RAM shown on the Panel Information page? Also, are you using lots of borders on your buttons?
  • It says 37 MB free of 128 MB . I can send you the touch panel if you want, if you send me your mail by pm.
  • I would have expected a much lower RAM result if you were encountering the known issue regarding large projects. Nevertheless, if you've not yet contacted Tech Support you should go ahead and do so. In the meantime, you can revert to the previous firmware version.
  • Do you think that unit needs to be replaced? Since this is in the middle east, i will contact AMX ME for support
  • I was facing an issue where the 5200i was not connecting to the controller when its wall docked so i upgraded the firmware. But then i was not able to load the touch panel file.
  • gsmithgsmith Posts: 59
    There is a new firmware release 2.86.53 released on 2011-11-14 that should resolve the issue you were having with your files.
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