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AMX Intercom module v11 getting hanged with new firmwares

I have a project where i have the following setup for Intercom and SIP enabled .
5 Metecom (1.0.20)
1 MVP9000i (2.53.24)
20 MVP5200i (2.66.33)
1 MVP 8400i (2.86.55)
4 NXD1000i (2.86.29)

Now all these panels have SIP and intercom enabled with both the codes running in the same controller (NI3101 SIg series device firmware 1.30.8 and duet firmware 3.60.453). After doing a firmware upgrade i am having the controller hang up sometimes or the intercom section of the touch panel being hanged. I have run the sample intercom module but even that is hanging. Is there a limit to the number of touch panels that can be added to this module.

All the touch panels are in multiple controllers as they are in different rooms and intercom controller is on system number 8. Please guide me.

PFA the intercom codes that i have used.


  • Ajish

    1. try to have all the AMX hardware that involves with the intercom, connected in the controller that runs the intercom module. I mean that all the devices you declare in the intercom UI should have the same system number.

    2. in your code, if i see it correctly, one of your panels has a device number of 11001. Also you have one met-ecom device having the same device number. I know that they are connected on different systems but i would suggest to try and have unique device numbers.

  • Jorde_VJorde_V Posts: 393
    Try to reduce the port numbers on your Touchpanels, 51 is excessive. Everytime an offline/online event occurs it's doing that 51 times PER touchpanel. Seen that lock up systems on multiple occasions.

    I would also advice against papadouk's first point, moving just the intercomm to one controller is a smart move. The stress on the processors is much more spread than having it all on one system.
  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702
    FIRST, network quality matters so very much in intercom systems. A single consumer grade switch or router can significantly reduce operation.

    Using the AMX module, we find that large intercom systems can become so involved with panel online and offline events that the intercom never finishes initializing, and the system never starts up. By reducing what you tell panels to a minimum during and immediately after boot, and holding off updating a panel that has just come online by a few seconds can help let the intercom system stabilize.

    However, in a large system like this, you are still likely to find difficulty in rapid communications, that is, a second doorbell event may not be possible for 30 or more seconds after the first ends. And things like PAGE will reach different panels a few seconds apart.

    We found no consequence to having panels on different masters. The intercom module should be on just one master from what I have seen.

    The new AMX module is better than the old one. We got very mixed results on 15+ stations systems before the current release, which mostly only has timing issues as mentioned above. We're looking at writing a complete replacement of the module for our systems, as have others who made large systems work.
  • Thanks for the support. I wont be able to put all the panels into a single master having only the intercom, since there are 7 masters focussing on different rooms (20 rooms totally). Now if i put all the panels into a single master and if that master loses connectivity, the individual rooms will be totally down.

    I will do the necessary corrections based on your suggestions.
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