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C-bus 4.06 module feedback problem

Hi everyone!
Did anyone had luck in receiving FB in lighting applications (38) with this module?
There is a variable called "LightStatus" which supposed to hold any changes with lighting groups, but it always stays
empty. Module also sends some Strings when a lighting group state is changed from outside of AMX - by C-bus keys or wiser and looks like they are somekind of echo. If I change light by sending command to virt device - no FB at all (expect 5001 (real) device ofcourse).
Is this module useless?

I use the latest firmware on NI-700 & 5500PC Interface.


  • I haven't use version 4.06. Even when 4.06 was available for download i continued using the 3.23 version. Try this version if is still available for download. If not, ask me and i will send it over.
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