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Licence key for Visual Architect ?

vincenvincen Junior MemberPosts: 526

I'm just reinstalling my Windows virtual Machine on my Mac and so started Webupdate and it offered to install Visual Architect ! I removed it previously as I was missing disk space. But it asks for a licence key when I install it ! I didn't remember we need a licence for that software !
Is there a way to find back my previous licence that I probably had on my previous installation ?




  • papadoukpapadouk Junior Member Posts: 58
    Hi Vincen,

    I had the same problem with you a few months back. I formatted my PC and wanted to reinstall VA but i was getting an error saying that my key was in use. So, i contacted the local AMX dealer and a couple of days later i was able to re use my key.

    Of course i had the VA CD available to be able to see my key.

  • vincenvincen Junior Member Posts: 526
    papadouk wrote: »
    Of course i had the VA CD available to be able to see my key.
    I have been stupid, I had that CD in the past but I throw it away a long time ago when I realised it was no more up to date, but didn't note the serial on it :( Will ask my local AMX office for it ;)


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