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Hi, i try to install rms system in a server 2003 sp2 with sql server 2008.

The wizard sayd "Succesfully estabilshed a database connection; however, the database is not a Resource Management Suite Database".

Can you help me?



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    AuserAuser Posts: 506
    Is the default catalogue of the user you are connecting to the database with something other than the RMS database?
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    Try manually configuring the database (editing the script files as per the manual).
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    i try with the manual configuration, i use the script in installation path, both script work fine but the wizard report the same error...

    " Is the default catalogue of the user you are connecting to the database with something other than the RMS database?

    i think is the default, the server is dedicate only for rms, i install the software and i've used the wizard for creation the rms dabase. the wizard create the database, after report the error in my attachment.
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    I believe it displays this error message when the utility cannot find the version table or the database version record in the attached database catalog.

    If you expand the tables on the "RMS" catalog in SQL Management Studio, is this table (tblVersions) listed and does it have any records in it?
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    there isn't listed
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    It does not look like any of the RMS application tables have been configured/installed for this database catalog. There should be a significant number of tables that start with "tbl---".

    I would suggest deleting this "RMS" catalog and using the RMS Database Wizard to create a new catalog and install the RMS schema (tables & stored procedures).

    If the RMS Database Wizard is not able to create the catalog or create the schema in the catalog this could be a permissions issue. The user account must have the permissions required to create a new catalog and then must have DBO (owner) permissions to the newly created catalog. Once the database is installed, you can reduce the user's permissions and just limit it to DBO of this single "RMS" database catalog.
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    sorry but i'm not a sql expert, witch setting it's necessary, thanks.
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    Start off with :


    all assigned to the "master" catalog.

    After the new "RMS" catalog is successfully created and you have RMS up and running, you can (and should) reduce the user permissions to only: db_owner on the "RMS" catalog. This reduction in user permissions means that this user account can fully access the RMS catalog but cannot view, modify or create any other database catalogs other than RMS.
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    now the table was created but the problem is the same...
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    Ok, at this point it may be best for you to open a support case with AMX Technical Support to get some additional one-on-one assistance and get this issue resolved.
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