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Servlet for Netlinx

Cafe Duet is a plugin for Eclipse that means you can use it to develop not only module for Netlinx, but also other Java Application, JSP, Servlet, etc.

If anyone has a try, you may go to the link below to download eclipse plugin for Tomcat.


I am trying to figure out how to write servlet for Netlinx. Anyone know how to do it?



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    maxifoxmaxifox Posts: 209
    Interesting question... Yes, Netlinx can run servlets. This is because Netlinx Duet firmware v3.00.316 runs Jetty 4.2.x http/servlet server (servlet 2.3 specification) and I see AMX uses their own servlets there. The question is how you can deploy your own, I doubt we have sufficient rights to do this...
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    sonnysonny Posts: 208
    The new Duet IP module for the Lutron H48 lighting system may provide a preview. The jar file contains a class called ServletHelper and there are xsl files as well. Personally I believe the ability to write interactive web clients would be a huge plus for AMX. Particularly reports, schedules, user-based security configs, etc. would be much better served being browser based vs. touch panel based.
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