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Tandberg C-series module

Hi all,

I`m given the task to convince a customer to go with AMX/Netlinx rather then Cxxxxxxn, when doing Tandberg systems.
They gave me a bone, when they said they had bad experience, controlling Tandberg C-series, with Cresxxxx (especially Polling Phone book entries).

I did a search on the forum, and didn`t find any negative feedbacks except the constantly API changes from Tandberg.

I just downloaded the latest duet module (v1.3.1), and guessing AMX updated because of a API change?

So my question: How humble should i be, regarding this API issue vs AMX :)
No, that ain`t my question, but what are your experience?
As i said, not to many negative feedbacks on the forum, but this is a real problem, right?



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    rfletcherrfletcher Posts: 217
    The only bad experiences I have had controlling a C series unit with AMX are due to Tandberg/Cisco's changes to the API. That's happened at least twice, I think. Other than that, it's been very solid.

    The important part, which is hard sometimes, is to get your customer to understand that they need to update only one unit first when Cisco releases a new version of the TC software, to make sure it doesn't break anything. I had a client deploy one of the versions that broke connectivity to 20+ sites without checking, and that resulted in a lot of interesting panic calls.

    Oh, and the current version of the module is TANDBERG_TC_v1_3_2_dr1_0_0. It's not available on the AMX website yet. Check at developer.tandberg.com
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    Thanks rfletcher.

    Do you know if Tandberg is updating the module themselves?

    In a perfect world they would update the Amx module, to be ready when a new firmware for their endpoints are launched.

    I will look for the module, and test it when get hold of a C-series unit.

    Thanks again!

    Kenneth K
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    By the way...

    I totaly agree with your points regarding updating all endpoints without checking if firmware is ok first.

    I wouldn't update firmware on all Netlinx units on a site, before i did a full function test first. I don't know why i would update firmware at all?

    Kenneth K
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    Tandberg controls their Duet Module Source Code and programs it 100% inhouse. AMX support will up-channel bug information received from the field, but the module is wholly managed and coded by Tandberg. Updates to the API and the module occur on their timetable - good or bad.

    Most modules are not managed by the manufacturer.
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    PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    Yep, Cisco have an internal AMX / controls integration guy (the job was advertised a few months back). It's a pretty safe bet that their Duet module will be required to meet the stability of the rest of their product range. It's one of the only closed source modules we use in our systems and we've never had a problem with it.
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    Thanks all for the feedback!!
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    1 more thing.

    Been doing some reading on the Tandberg/cisco forum, and saw alot of isues regarding phonebook feedback.

    Is this a "solved problem" in the latest version?
    Amx or cisco issue?

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