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Just starting out

Hi there
This is my first post so apologies if its in the wrong place. I have just invested in a Ni3100 controller and would like to use it fro some very basic functions (with a view to expanding this as I learn). I'll just be using it to switch on my Sharp TV and change inputs, control my virgin media and DVD player. I will use the Android app as my TP.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to get started, I'm fairly familiar with the system layout and how it all connects up but i need some help with the programming? Are there any templates out there that I can edit or does everything have to be created from scratch?
Thank you, J


  • Are you a dealer / freelance programmer or just trying this out for fun?

    Reason I'm asking is the best advice is to get yourself on the AMX programmer's courses. To get on the courses (which are free) you need to be a dealer.

    Now I'm not a dealer, but I am a freelance programmer. Here in the UK I had to buy some AMX gear (to prove I have some commitment and not a time waster I guess!), which then got me a dealer id and access to all the courses. I'm now ACE certified as a result.

    Depending on where you are, I'd contact AMX training and ask them how to proceed.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Alternatively, for example, if it's just your own system you want to poke around with, you can supply your equipment list and hire someone to write your starter program. Then you can learn from that, and tweak it to your heart's content.

    What many don't realize starting up is that the learning curve is not trivial for setting up an AMX system. The programming language is not difficult, especially if you have some programming experience, but understanding how it all comes together in a control system, along with the various hardware quirks, takes a fair amount of experience to master. And this is a professional forum, not a hobbyist or enthusiast forum. Most of us like to get paid for our experience. We're usually happy to provide guidelines and help for folks stuck on a point, but getting you started from nothing on a new program is a bit much to ask.
  • Thanks for those replies

    I'm an audio visual engineer in an educational institution in the UK, we have lots of AMX equipment, I've had a fair amount of input into the system design of some small/medium size projects. We purchase all our equipment through AV suppliers BUT I do much of the installation myself (with a small team). Previously a we have paid a supplier to hand over the source code so we can tweek it to suit new equipment (mostly when the Rs232 codes change due to manufacturer changes of TV's/projectors).
    So I guess we have already been editing basic code. I was thinking of starting from scratch with a system at work as I expect the code that we were sold is now out of date (2004)?

    I would also like to investigate starting up on my own - hence a home system as a trail/demo set up for potential clients - I think I understand the basics of the system design but know little about coding so I guess that's why I'm asking. I wouldnt expect anyone to write code for me, I'm willing to learn myself but don't know where to begin.

    Do you think that AMX would grant me a dealer ID based on any of the above?
    Also are there any tutorials on AMX VA and do you think that would be a good place to start?

    Thank you again!

  • Sent you a PM.
  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    If you want to learn good software development practices hit up some of the masses of freely available learning materials available on the net. Anything that teaches you one of the C family languages will be beneficial to coding AMX however java is a good choice as that will help you should you decide to start rolling your own Duet modules. Also hit up Stack Overflow - chances are almost any question who have about programming will have been answered there (in detail), if not ask it.

    I'd highly recommend that you do this prior to any of the AMX programmer training as it will allow you to have a decent grasp on some base computer science concepts so that you can then focus on how these are applied in the NetLinx world.

    Also, if you want to learn to program *do not* under any circumstances use the code soup that VA puts out as exemplary code.
  • Thank you for responding, that's really helpful
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